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Revolutionary Jokes

A little humor about the American Revolution

  SA-Exploration Featured in the "Step Away from the Textbook!" series


Declaration of Independence

TEACHER:    True or False:  The Declaration of Independence was written in Philadelphia.

STUDENT:    False… it was written in ink!

(not much instructional value to this one, but your students will get a kick out of it)


Q:  What dance was extremely popular in 1776?

A:  Indepen-dance

(it’s “cheesy” at best, but it’s a good way to remind your students that 1776 was an important year)


American Revolution

Q:  Why did Paul Revere ride his horse from Lexington to Concord?

A:  Because the horse was too heavy to carry!

(a bit of a trick question, but your students will enjoy it as you discuss the American Revolution)


Q:  What was the craziest battle of the American Revolution?

A:  The Battle of Bonkers Hill

(a bad, bad pun… but you’d be surprised at how much students appreciate this sort of comic relief)


Q:  What did militia leader Francis Marion wear on his feet during the American Revolution?

A:  Swamp Socks

(another bad pun, but a good way to remember the most legendary militia fighter, the “Swamp Fox”)


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