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Sharpe Thinking-Orange Mysteries


Mystery #1

“The Lizard Mystery”


Students learn that lizards sometimes change color to adapt to their surroundings


Mystery #2

“The Golf Ball Mystery”


Students recognize the impact of gravity on the motion of a golf ball


Mystery #3

“The Vacation Mystery”


Students distinguish between characteristics of different types of landforms



Mystery #4

“The Flower Patch Mystery”


Students identify the environment necessary to support plant growth


Mystery #5

“The Measuring Mystery”


Students recognize that growth is a critical step in the life cycle of a plant


Mystery #6

“The Concrete Mystery”


Students identify mold fossils, and the process for making them


Mystery #7

“The Flagpole Mystery”


Students learn how water can take on different forms of matter


Mystery #8

“The Cooking Mystery”


Students see how heat can be transferred through a good conductor


Mystery #9

“The Guitar Mystery”


Students recognize that pitch varies based on the frequency of vibrations


Mystery #10

“The Diamond Mystery”


Students analyze the properties of a diamond compared to other minerals



Mystery #11

“The Hidden Treasure Mystery”


Students identify the uses of a map and the importance of correct orientation


Mystery #12

“The Roller Skates Mystery”


Students recognize that heat can be produced through friction and other sources







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