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Sharpe Thinking-Green Mysteries


Mystery #1

“The Graffiti Mystery”


Students recognize that colors are formed by the reflection/absorption of light



Mystery #2

“The Compass Mystery”


Students learn how the direction of shadows changes with the position of the sun


Mystery #3

“The Fire Mystery”


Students identify that a number of senses can be used to interpret surroundings


Mystery #4

“The Night Sky Mystery”


Students recognize that the position of stars changes with movement of earth


Mystery #5

“The Carnival Money Mystery”


Students recognize that a “full moon” occurs about every 30 days


Mystery #6

“The Lemonade Mystery”


Students learn that liquids evaporate more quickly in hot, dry settings


Mystery #7

“The Trespasser Mystery”


Students identify that animals (like beavers) can drastically change their environment


Mystery #8

“The Phone Call Mystery”


Students learn that time differences exist in the world as a result of earth’s rotation


Mystery #9

“The Trash Mystery”


Students recognize that wind direction can be measured in a storm


Mystery #10

“The Bright Light Mystery”


Students recognize that light can be reflected off of certain surfaces


Mystery #11

“The Circuit Mystery”


Students learn that an electrical circuit depends on a good conducting material


Mystery #12

“The Finger Mystery”


Students recognize that certain traits are inherited, while others are acquired


Mystery #13

“The Hurricane Mystery”


Students identify the conditions and impact of a hurricane


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